Audio Performance

You can listen in a few ways: as a full audio performance, with or without accompanying slides; or as a podcast of individual chapter monologues you can download separately. To read the words while you listen, see the Script page.

Listen to the full audio performance (without slides) here…

Audio Only

…or the full audio performance with slides here:

Audio with slideshow

Listen to the individual monologues (and the introduction and end comments) beginning here:


1. Hannah (Youngshin Song)
1. Hannah

2. Saul (La Ronda Barnes)
2. Saul
3. Jonathan and Michal (Becca Leland and Nell Herring)
3. Jonathan and Michal
4. Abigail (Yajenlemla)
4. Abigail
5. Nathan (David Manyara)
5. Nathan the Prophet
6. Bathsheba (Onica Stewart)
6. Bathsheba
7. Absalom and Tamar (Becca Leland and Nell Herring)
7. Absalom and Tamar
8. Joab (Joshua Woodsmith)
8. Joab
9. Rizpah (Greta Dunn)
9. Rizpah
End Comments
End Comments

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